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Accenture Is A Founding Member Of Id 2020. What Is The Focus Of This Alliance?

Accenture Is A Founding Member Of Id 2020. What Is The Focus Of This Alliance?

Question: Accenture Is A Founding Member Of Id 2020. What Is The Focus Of This Alliance?

A. financial services

B. digital identity

C. blockchain

D. supply chain

Answer: B. Digital identity

In the age of digital transformation, the concept of identity has taken center stage. The rapid growth of online services, financial transactions, and digital interactions necessitates a secure and reliable means of identifying individuals. To address this need, ID2020 was formed—a global alliance committed to providing digital identity solutions. Among its founding members, Accenture Is A Founding Member Of Id 2020. What Is The Focus Of This Alliance, Accenture plays a significant role in shaping the future of digital identity.

What is ID2020?

ID2020 is a non-governmental organization focused on advancing digital identity solutions worldwide. It was established in 2016 with the vision of empowering individuals with control over their own identity. The organization aims to achieve this by promoting user-centric, portable, and privacy-enhancing digital identities for all.

The Purpose and Mission of ID2020

The primary purpose of ID2020 is to provide a legal and recognized identity to the estimated one billion people worldwide who currently lack any form of identification. This lack of identity often hampers their access to essential services like healthcare, education, financial services, and social welfare programs. ID2020 aims to bridge this gap and empower these individuals with an identity that opens doors to opportunities and benefits.

Accenture’s Involvement and Role

As a founding member of ID2020, Accenture actively contributes to shaping the alliance’s direction and initiatives. Leveraging its expertise in technology, consulting, and digital solutions, Accenture plays a crucial role in designing and implementing secure, user-friendly, and scalable digital identity solutions.

The Importance of Digital Identity

Digital identity is more than just a collection of personal information. It is the digital representation of an individual, enabling them to participate in the digital economy and society seamlessly. A robust digital identity system ensures trust, security, and privacy, fostering a conducive environment for transactions and interactions.

Benefits of the Alliance

The collaboration between Accenture and ID2020 brings several benefits. Firstly, it accelerates the development and adoption of digital identity solutions. Secondly, it enables governments, organizations, and individuals to reap the advantages of a secure and decentralized identity ecosystem. Lastly, it promotes social and financial inclusion, reducing the digital divide.

Challenges and Concerns

Despite its noble mission, ID2020 faces several challenges. One of the significant concerns is ensuring that digital identities are tamper-proof and resistant to identity theft and fraud. Additionally, interoperability and standardization across various digital identity systems are essential to achieve the alliance’s vision fully.

Privacy and Security Measures

To address concerns related to privacy and security, ID2020 and its members, including Accenture, prioritize data protection and privacy by design. Strong encryption, biometric authentication, and decentralized storage are some of the measures employed to safeguard individuals’ personal information.

How ID2020 is Making a Difference

ID2020 has already made significant strides in achieving its goals. Through its various pilot programs and partnerships with governments and organizations, the alliance has provided digital identities to millions of previously undocumented individuals. This has resulted in improved access to critical services and opportunities for personal growth.

Real-Life Examples of ID2020 Implementation

One compelling example of ID2020’s impact is in healthcare. By providing digital health IDs to individuals in remote areas, medical professionals can now efficiently track patient records and deliver personalized care. This has led to improved health outcomes and reduced medical errors.

Future Prospects and Innovations

As technology continues to evolve, so will the field of digital identity. ID2020 and Accenture are at the forefront of innovating and exploring new possibilities. From blockchain-based identity solutions to advanced biometrics, the future holds immense potential for secure and accessible digital identities.


The partnership between Accenture and ID2020 reflects a shared commitment to empower individuals through digital identity. By providing a legal identity to those previously undocumented, ID2020 is making a tangible difference in their lives. Accenture Is A Founding Member Of Id 2020. What Is The Focus Of This Alliance?- The alliance’s focus on privacy, security, and inclusivity ensures that digital identity remains a powerful tool for positive change.

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