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Best Keyword Research Tool For Free

Best Keyword Research Tool For Free. Don’t Miss It!!   

Proper research can help you understand the status of various keywords, which can help you build your website’s traffic. In addition, effective planning can help you to achieve your objectives in the right way.

Keyword research is the first step of SEO. It is the foundation of your digital marketing business. Without it, you cannot proceed further in your brand marketing.   

Best Keyword Research Tool For 2022

Several keyword research tools are there which can help you to make things work well in your way. It can help you to propagate your brand message in the right way. Ensure that you must not make a wrong selection of the keywords at your end.

1. Tag Crowd  

Tag Crowd is one of the best keyword research tools which can offer you the liberty to address the SEO needs of your business. Its USP is quite simple as you can visualize the frequency of the word by text, tag clouds, or words.   

For your SEO content writing, the use of the tag and keywords can be of great help to you. Some of its key features are as follows:-

  • You will get a beginner-friendly user interface.
  • It will support the competitor’s SEO analysis.
  • You can enter the web page URL.
  • You have the privilege to upload the file.
  • You can paste the page text.
  • Pricing is free.
  • You can visualize the keyword frequency.

2. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords everywhere is another best keyword research tool you can use for free. The best thing about this keyword research tool is it integrates all the data from the popular keyword research tools like Uber Suggest, Search Console, Google Analytics, and Answer the Public.

Some of the key features of the Keyword Research tool:-

  • It collects the data from popular research tools like Ubersuggest, Search Console, Google Analytics, and Moz Open Site Explorer.
  • It offers valuable information regarding the cost per click and keyword research tool.  
  • You may find issues converting the files into CSV, PDF, and Excel.

3. Merchant Words

If you want to build backlink blog management, then merchant words can significantly help you. From the Amazon store, you can own these free keyword research tools for your better SEO-Friendly Content .  

You can collect the data from one billion searches. Some of the critical features of merchant words are as follows: –

  • You can create Actionable marketing insights as it will provide you data of one billion Amazon searches worldwide.
  • 24/7 customer support you will get from here.
  • You will get CSV downloads and unlimited searches.
  • The monthly search volume of the Google Keyword data will depend on the importance of keywords.
  • It is free with some limited features, and premium plans start at $35 and $149 per month.

4. Key search

Key search is one of the best powerful essential research tools to help you receive organic traffic. You will also get potential backlink opportunities.  Some of the key features of the YouTube And The Pin interest are as follows: –

  • It provides you the opportunity to make a proper rank tracker.
  • Ensures a better backlink checker.
  • It is a better tool for keyword difficulty checkers.
  • It helps you to make proper competitive analyses.
  • Ensures a better website audit analyzer.
  • The pricing is free with limited features, and the paid version will cost you around $17/month.

5. Keyword. Guru

You can develop your guest blogging services with the help of Keyword Guru. It is a unique research tool that will provide top search results. Some of the popular search engines, Bing, Google, and Yahoo, from where you can collect data

Some of the key features of the Keyword. Guru is as follows: –

  • It analyzes the search results from various top search engines.
  • It will provide you with some real-time search engine data.
  • It can reflect the common searches quickly.
  • The best thing is that it is free with limited features and the paid one is $5 per month.

6. Get Keywords

Get Keywords is an uncommon and free keyword research tool. It caters to the local SEO. It can narrow down the search results to various provinces and cities. Get Keywords is a powerful Keyword Research tool.

Some of the key features of these keyword tools are as follows: –

  • It filters and narrows down your search results on specific geographic locations.
  • In top traffic locations, you will get the data and the proper mobile and desktop devices breakup.
  • According to the search intent, you can do the keyword grouping. You can do video-related, question-based searches, and e-commerce is some of the crucial data analysis you can get from the keywords.
  • It will also show the bounce rate of your website. You must know these things at your end while achieving your objectives.
  • Premium plans start from $ 24 per month.
  • Guest blogging services can help you to make things work in your way.

7. QuestionDB 

If you are searching for the blog topic ideas, then Question DB is one of the best bets you must know at your end. Some of the best keyword research tools which can help you to raise your bet are as follows:-

  • You can analyze the keywords depending on the database.
  • Curating relevant content and blogs will provide the appropriate sources for content.
  • Selection of the best digital agency can work in your way.

Final Take Away 

Hence, these are some of the core factors you must consider while achieving your objectives. You need to know these crucial facts before selecting the keywords at your end. Then, effective implementation of the strategies can help you to reach your goals in the right way.

You can share your feedback, views, and opinions if you want to achieve the desired results at your end. The more you can think properly, the better you can reach your objectives. Proper implementation of the plans can make things more lucid.    

Whenever you select the best keyword research tool, ensure that it meets your digital marketing needs. It will help you to reach your objectives without having any problems.

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