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Amazon Quiz: The Bird ‘monal’, The Animal ‘kasturi Mrig’ And The Flower ‘brahmakamal’- All?

Question : The Bird Monal, The Animal Kasturi Mrig And The Flower Brahmakamal – All Featured On The 2021 Republic Day Tableau Of Which State?

Answer : Uttarakhand

Amazon Daily Quiz and Answers March 04, 2021 : Live Updates

Answer 1 – Uttarakhand

Question 2. MINUSMA is a peacekeeping mission by the UN in which country?

Answer 2 – Mali

Question 3. What is ‘Rakshita’ developed by DRDO for CRPF?

Answer 3 – Bike Ambulance

Question 4. What do you call a group of this animal?

Answer 4 – Ambush

Question 5. What is celebrated the day after this festival?

Answer 5 – Boxing Day

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