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trendy about android app development

What’s so trendy about android app development?

Today’s mobile devices are powered by different operating systems. Before beginning production, both indie developers and huge corporations must address a fundamental question: which platform should be targeted first? Development of ios and android platforms can be done concurrently for larger organizations with more resources, however, for smaller businesses, the selection of platform is a vital question that could influence the success or failure of the business.

Here are some reasons for Android App Development Craze:

Android Studio

Android Studio is a fantastic IDE that is based on the equally fantastic IntelliJ IDE. Android Studio, as the name implies, is an IDE created exclusively for the development of Android apps. It is lightning fast and efficient, and you may create a new Android project for many types of Android apps in seconds. When Android first came out, it was possible to create Android apps using Eclipse and the Android Developer Tools plugin. That all changed with the arrival of Android Studio.

Google Play Store

Apps posted to the Google Play store are ready for download by users within a few hours, whereas Apple’s App Store takes many weeks. On the Google Play market, an app can be updated numerous times per day in response to user complaints and/or concerns, however on the Program Store, your app must go through the same tedious process whenever you submit an update and/or bug repair. The Play Store is an ideal place for a new app or game that has to be regularly and quickly refined and updated in response to customer input. Another great feature of the Play Store is the possibility to release an app as alpha and/or beta release, which is exclusively available to a small number of testers. This allows you to give early access to a subset of people and use their comments to improve your software before releasing it to the whole public. You can also do a staged/gradual rollout of an update. You define what percentage of users should receive the update with the staged rollout, and you can then monitor comments and crash reports before raising the percentage of users to receive the update.

Low barrier of entry

A developer must use a Mac to create apps for iOS devices. On the other hand, android app development is possible on Windows, Mac, and Linux. In addition, registering as a developer on the Apple App Store costs $99 per year, but registering as a developer on the Google Play Store just $25 once. To put it simply, a developer-only needs a $25 purchase and a computer to start building and delivering Android apps, whereas iOS requires a Mac and a $99 monthly subscription. The eCommerce sector is one of the main reasons for the boom of android app development. An eCommerce App Development Company can easily build and develop an android app that helps you to grow your business.


The popular perception has always been that the iPhone is utilized by wealthier and more affluent consumers, and hence iPhone users are more inclined than Android users to spend money on apps. This may have been true in the past, but it is no longer the case. Android apps have been proven to be as profitable (if not more profitable) than iPhone apps in most app categories, both for initial app purchases and in-app purchases. Furthermore, with many apps adopting a free advertisements model, the app makes cash as long as the adverts are exposed to app users. Furthermore, advertising prices are often lower on Android devices, which implies that apps can advertise to more users on Android devices for the same price as users on iOS devices.

Market share

This has to be the number one reason why indie developers should prioritize Android development. According to IDC, Android led the number of smartphones delivered

worldwide in the first three months of 2021, accounting for 78 percent of the market. According to statista.com, the total number of Android devices in consumer hands as of December 2025 is projected to be north of 4.6 billion. If you are creating an app (or game) for the general public, it makes economic sense to target the platform with the most potential users. 

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