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Tips And Tools to Write SEO-Friendly Content 

Do you have an online business, and you’re struggling to boost it? Well, then SEO is your only resort. Search engine optimization is a process that helps your business to rank on SERP and boosts its presence online. So before moving on to SEO, let’s have an idea about SERP. You can see your business’s advertisements on a search engine result page. A very first page of SERP is essential. What helps you to be on top of CRP while using SEO? It’s your content. If your content is SEO-friendly, your website will easily be able to grow up and feature itself in the top three of SERP lists.  

Though the work doesn’t sound easy, we must work it out. It is essential to understand your requirements, just like Upside Down Escape Games. But this can be carried out with the help of little analysis and data study. Along with it, you can explore the numerous tools available online.   

Several tips and tools help you to write SEO-friendly content. Things like keyword research and short and crisp content help enhance the quality and are in the eye of search engines. Content is king in any sort of marketing. If your content is good, you bag readers. You have readers. That means you have hope and a chance to convert those leads into your client. This makes the importance of SEO-friendly content very clear. This write-up will discuss tips and tools to ease your work while creating SEO-friendly content.   

Here are some of the tips that will help you to get an SEO friendly content:  

If you plan to fail, you are planning to fail:  

Before beginning with the writing part, you need to plan. Different social media caters to a diverse audience. So why the same content for each platform? You have to analyze your audience and your targeted social media, according to which you have to plan your content. A fundamental responsibility of a range is to deliver the desired message to a niche audience.

So if your message is not cleared, the work is incomplete. For instance, if you are planning a content strategy for Instagram, it must be more casual and friendly. Similarly, if you are planning the same for platforms like LinkedIn, then your tone of the content should be very professional, direct, and to the point.  

Headers and Sub-Header save the day:  

This technique helps convert lengthy, monotonous write-ups into skimmable one. It makes sure right up to look easy reading. This can act as a magnet to attract a maximum number of readers. Once they like your content, there’s no doubt they’ll stop without sharing it.  

Also, the search engine robots crawl through your website, which helps them understand the content. Once they know your content, they also can establish its relevance. And relevant contents always get a good ranking in SERP.  

Backlinks to the rescue:  

Backlinks are one of the most effective ways to rank your current and previous content. It has been observed that good content tends to get several backlinks. These backlinks can be both internal as well as external. The number of fixed journal backlinks always adds value to your present content. And you can link your previous content to your current content. This will help SEO optimization, and people get through your best article. As in digital marketing the term backlink is plays an Important role for SEO, Backlinks can earn by Digital marketing Guest post, Digital marketing Forums and from digital marketing PR sites.

It means, adding a high-quality, reputable website to your link enhances your credibility. The bed. A better-quality backlink always helps content rank high on the search engine result page.  

Keywords to change the game:  

What exactly is a keyword? The group of words that you use to search a particular topic or product service is known as keywords. These keywords help you find the most relevant content regarding your search. So, if your article has the right keywords, it can help you rank high and put you in the eye of the reader.  

But here’s a catch. The selection of keywords should be made very wisely. Analyzing the keyword density before using them in your content would be best. It is always suggested that one use an average density keyword in their content. This is so because a very high-density keyword is tough to beat, and a low-density keyword doesn’t have that much audience. Hence, play safe and go with the average one.  

There are so many rules regarding this, like Ahrefs and KWFinder. You can use them to compare the keywords and fight for the perfect one for your content.  

Quality content never fails:  

Quality content comprises several things that make content worth reading. Before jotting down, you should keep a few things in mind. The content you are working on should be well researched and decked up with authentic facts and figures. Never forget to mention the references that you are using. Plagiarized content is no less than cancer for your website ranking.  

Apart from this, you have to keep the language in your mind. You have to know your audience before choosing the tone of your content. Try to go for small paragraphs and if possible, try to make bullet points. Always check your grammar and spelling before you submit the final draft.  

So, this was a mini-story of tips that can help you to grow your content for SEO. But now, to ease out your work, we will discuss some tools that can help boost your content easily.  

Here are some tools that can help you make your content SEO-friendly:  


This is a known new name in terms of tools used for content. It is one of the best and easy-to-use tools that help refine your content’s quality. This enables you to highlight your grammar and spelling errors and suggests the best synonym of the world to go with the content. You also get a plagiarism checker if you upgrade it to a premium version. That means you can also check plagiarism when editing your content on Grammarly. Isn’t that cool?  

Hemingway editor:  

Another tool that helps you edit your content. It helps you in checking the readability of your content. If any portion of the content is challenging to read, it will mention “very difficult.” It highlights the passive voice in the content. Analyzing your complete content also helps you understand the quality and gives you the best SCO rating. So, if you are content with your rating, you can go with the content, and if you are unsatisfied, you can make the necessary edits.    

Keyword density checker:  

The best tool to check the status of usability of your keywords. It scans your text or URL and helps you know if you have overused or underused a keyword. You can edit your content according to its results and then move forward with it. Content with overused keywords is ignored in SEO, And the underused keyword content cannot make up for the ranking.  

So, be doubly sure before finalizing your content in terms of keywords.  

In a nutshell, it is challenging to rank your website in the top list of SERPs, but it is not impossible. A little bit of research and analysis can help your content to be on top ranking. With the help of these tips and tools, we can also modify your content. Still under-confident, it’s better to hire an expert. There are companies dedicatedly working to enhancing your SEO rankings. You can get them on board and help your website place on a SERP. 

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